all i want to do in life is find that person that i can go on an eternal road trip with and then explore with them and have sex with them all night long. i want someone that i can talk about the entire universe with and they wont get bored of it. i want someone that i can move into a shitty apartment with and draw and take shitty pictures of each other for 3 days straight on our polaroid camera. I want someone that doesn’t care what we have and how much we have as long as we have each other.



I love my shitty apartment
I love that im too tall for the shower so i have to sit to wash my hair
I love the shitty bathroom counters that i can dit on at my leisure
I love my zombie pajama pants that i got for a dollar at Goodwill
I love the holes in my sheets from that one time i spilt cement glue while making that project i never finished

I love that my hair is always wet because it never stops raining

I love that my view is a flooded ally full of cars people refuse to use until its not flooded

I love these things about my shitty apartment because its mine , and its my home